• Michele Kief Believes in a Balanced Life

  • Posted on March 17, 2018
  • Michele Kief

    Michele Kief has been assisting hundreds of clients with building and preserving wealth since 1999. That’s a long time now, and over the course of that career, she has done a lot for those clients. Michele has a passion for assisting clients with their financial needs and helping them build a strong financial future, but she also wants them to live their life to its fullest now, even as they plan for the future. While she helps them avoid undue financial sacrifice and too much exposure to risk to create a secure future, she also gives them plenty of advice on taking great trips around the world now, too.

    Perhaps it is her understanding of the need for balance that drives Michele Kief to be an excellent financial adviser, but it also makes her passionate about showing people how they can travel and see to great places for a lot less money now and then put that money they save away into their plan for a better future. One way she likes to use to accomplish that comes with the prolific use of travel apps, which have changed the way people book flights, hotels and everything else as well. It’s possible to manage one’s travel life in a way that allows them to travel even more. That is one example how Michele Kief helps clients live now, even as they prepare for their future.

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